ImgView uses a modular approach so it can support future image formats. Plugins can be used by other applications. Developer documentation included.

A good example is WebP which I was able to bring to the Atari ST as a plugin. Many of my plugins are for obscure formats you may never encounter. Some are quite rare. ;o)

ImgView v1.35 (68K)
ImgView v1.29 (V4E)
Image viewer with extra features like scale, rotate, emboss, pixelate, and more...
Works in any resolution
No plugins included
Plugin Pack v2.10 (68K/V4E)
Supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WebP, ...
Nearly all native Atari formats ever made, and more...
Includes export plugins
Includes RECOIL 6.4.4 plugin with ~550 formats
Includes plugin DevKit v2.03
ThingImg v1.09 (68K/V4E)
Desktop background overlay replacement for Thing Desktop
Supports all video modes including true-color
Supports all modern image formats (plugin based)
Auto dithers/remaps images to the desktop palette if needed
Requires NVDI v5.03 (NVDI palette recommended for best results)
ThingRND v1.00 (68K)
Selects random desktop background at boot
Only works with Thing Desktop (caching supported)
Currently, only tested with NAES.

ImgView requirements:
ImgView recommended:
Known issues:

fVDI is an unfinished project. ImgView won't work with fVDI alone. fVDI + NVDI is required. I've been told it works on the Firebee.

Milan VDI aka MVDI alone won't work. Installation of NVDI on the Milan is the same as fVDI, you must disable all NVDI*.SYS drivers. I've been told it works.

Any system that relies on an external 3rd party video driver will more than likely require NVDI loaded over top of it. NOVA driver would be another example.

The bottom line. There's no replacement VDI out there at the time of this writing that's a 1:1 match for NVDI. For all practical purposes ImgView requires NVDI 5.03 regardless of your setup.

ImgView might be the 1st application written leveraging the power of NVDI 5 for dithering, scaling, and transforming images on the fly. :oD
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Online documentation (possibly outdated): [Plugins] [Developer's Kit]

Contact me if you have a problem with a plugin or and idea for a new one. I need a copy of the image causing the issue.

Currently no devkit for creating plugins. Contact me if you want to write a plugin.

Other apps that support plugins:

Old stuff (no longer supported):
Image Codec Pack (LDG/SLB) v1.05 (68K/V4E)
Memory leak in LDG.PRG is unacceptable and SLB's with callbacks are overly complicated in GFA. Lost interest in both codec formats.

Deprecated (use older *.im modules):
ImgView v1.16 (68K/V4E)
Plugin Pack v1.04 (68K/V4E)
ThingImg v1.02 (68K/V4E)
Note: Old plugins at c:\gemsys\img_mod\ should be removed.

To comply with zView lisence agreement, modified codec (*.ldg) source code can be downloaded.
Modified codec (*.im) source code can be downloaded.

Falcon030 High-Color 1008x1024 (16-bit)



Given the same desktop palette in 256 colors, left is zView, right is ImgView: