Image Codec Pack

zView v1.0.1 includes the following 11 codecs:

Degas, Eureka, GEM Bit Image, GIF, GodPaint, JPEG, NEOchrome, PNG, Targa, TIFF, Windows Bitmap
PDF is built into zView and isn't a codec.

Image Codec Pack (68K/V4E)
Replaces all zView codecs except JPG.LDG and TIFF.LDG
Compatible with all 680x0 processors.
IMG to PCL5 v1.09 (68K)
This tool uses zView codecs to convert images to PCL5 files
For use with USB printer driver system created by Claude Labelle (aka Pedrix24)

Online documentation: zCodecs.HYP (might be outdated)
Codecs normally reside at: c:\gemsys\ldg\codecs\
Please read the installation instructions before doing anything.

Recommend version: zView v1.0.1 (requires 020 or better)
Codecs packaged with zView also require and 020 or better.

Vision 4.5a now supports zView plugins.
LDG website
Codecs included with zView built for m5475, m68000, and m68020-60

If you have a problem with a codec, I need the image that caused the problem. If you have an idea for a new codec, let me know.

Note: The TIFF and IFF codecs conflict! It will send *.IFF files to the TIFF codec by mistake. This happens because the TIFF codec registers '.IFF' as a supported extension. The easiest solution is to rename all *.IFF files to *.LBM to avoid disabling the TIFF codec.