Image Codec Pack (LDG/SLB)

There's a new version of zView (v1.0.2) released with a new codec format (SLB). Although this version of zView can load both types of codecs, I suggest removing all the old LDG codecs in favor of the newer SLB format. They are smaller and more stable than the LDG system.

Individual codecs can be disabled by renaming them '*.SL-' or '*.LD-' if you find yourself running short on free ram. Many of my codecs are for obscure formats you may never encounter. In fact some are considered quite rare. ;o)

zView v1.0.1 included the following codecs: Degas, Eureka, GEM Bit Image, GodPaint, JPEG, NEOchrome, PNG, Targa, TIFF, and Windows Bitmap
PDF is built into zView and isn't a codec.

zView v1.0.2 includes the above codecs and adds Dr. Doodle.
PDF is modular and reduces the overal footprint.

Image Codec Pack (LDG/SLB) v1.05 (68K/V4E)
LDG: Replaces all codecs except JPG.LDG and TIFF.LDG
SLB: Only adds new codecs
Compatible with all 680x0 processors
IMG to PCL5 v1.09 (68K)
This tool uses LDG codecs to convert images to PCL5 files
For use with USB printer driver system created by Claude Labelle (aka Pedrix24)

Online documentation: zCodecs.HYP (might be outdated)

zView v1.0.2 (Latest snapshots)
Vision 4.5a supports LDG codecs.
zView v1.0.1 (requires 020 or better)
Codecs included with zView v1.0.1 built for m5475, m68000, and m68020-60
LDG website

Contact me if you have a problem with a codec or and idea for a new codec. I will need a copy of the image that caused the issue.

To comply with zView lisence agreement modified codec source code can be downloaded.