ImgView uses a modular approach so it can support future image formats. Some modules have the ability to save images. The modules can be used by other applications. Developer documentation included.

Many of my image modules are for obscure formats you may never encounter. Some are quite rare. ;o)

ImgView v1.16 (68K/V4E)
Image viewer with extra features
No image modules included
Image Module Pack v1.04 (68K/V4E)
Supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, WebP
Nearly all native Atari formats ever made, and more...
ThingImg v1.02 (68K/V4E)
Desktop background module for Thing Desktop
Supports all image module file types
Auto dithers/remaps images to the desktop palette
Requires NVDI v5.03
NVDI v5 palette recommended for best results

ImgView requirements:

ImgView might be the first application written utilizing the full potential of NVDI 5 for dithering, scaling, and transforming images on the fly. :oD
If I'm wrong please correct me.

Online documentation: IMG_MOD.HYP (possibly outdated)

Contact me if you have a problem with an image module or and idea for a new one. I need a copy of the image causing the issue.

Other apps that support image modules:

Old stuff (no longer supported):
Image Codec Pack (LDG/SLB) v1.05 (68K/V4E)
Memory leak in LDG.PRG is unacceptable and SLB's with callbacks are overly complicated in GFA. Lost interest in both codec formats.

To comply with zView lisence agreement, modified codec (*.ldg) source code can be downloaded.
Modified codec (*.im) source code can be downloaded.

Falcon030 High-Color 1008x1024 (16-bit)