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Last updated: 1/6/2018

Unless otherwise noted the items have manuals and most items have the original boxes.
Please contact me if you need specific version numbers or other information.

Some items have prices (USD), some don't.
The value '$0' means I'll let the item go for the cost of shipping.
Please make an offer if you see something that interests you.
No reasonable offer will be refused. Some items have (*x) behind them. That indicates how many of that item I have on hand. There's no UPS or FedEx drop point in my small town. I only ship via USPS. Shipping details (insured, delivery confirmation) will be decided by me if not requested.

I reside in Tallahassee Florida if you wish to estimate the cost of shipping prior to contacting me.
PayPal accepted.

My ebay auctions...

Atari ST Software
* HiSoft Basic v1.23 (manual + disk only)
* OSS Personal Pascal v1.11 (disk only)
* Speedo Starter Kit Release 1.0 (fonts and drivers)
* STalker v3.04 (*2)
* PhotoTip v2.12 (with registration key)
* True Paint v1.02 (*2)
* Degas Elite (complete)
* Degas Elite (manual only)
* Cyber Control (Antic)
* Joust

* ST-BASIC Sourcebook (from Atari)

Atari Misc
* $20 Atari Stock Certificate [contact me for further information]
  [May have very light pen marks, but only outside the vignette.]
  [May have light folds, or a few scattered staple holes.]

* SCSI cables of various types (50 pin) [please inquire]
* SyQuest 100mb disks (3 total) [slightly used]
* SyQuest 105 external SCSI drive [includes AC power cord]

* RS-232 cable (9-pin<->25-pin)

Items on hold: (sale pending or in process of transaction) -- These items might be put back on the list at a later date if not sold. If you inquire about these items you will be put on a waiting list and notified if they become available.