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ENCOM Software (FreeWare/ShareWare)
Finger v1.30 (68K)
Finger client for STiK
Boing v1.00 (68K/V4E)
Boing demo for GEM (requires offscreen bitmaps aka NVDI)
Shiny Bubbles Remastered v1.00 (68K)
GEM remake of the Xanth F/X 1987 demo (requires offscreen bitmaps aka NVDI)
IMG to PCL5 v1.09 (68K)
This tool uses LDG codecs to convert images to PCL5 files
For use with USB printer driver system created by Claude Labelle (aka Pedrix24)

Other Software
Shiny Bubbles '91 v1.01 (68K)
by RezCo/NuEdge (bug fixed)
Shiny Bubbles TT v1.02 (68K)
by RezCo (bug fixed)