A GEM IRC Client for the Atari ST

AtarIRC v2.12 (68K/V4E)
Public Key

Some features:
Possible things to add: There is no time table when said items might be added, and it's also possible some of them may never be added.
Screen shots submitted by users: If you wish to submit an image, please send them as gif or jpg and include the OS and screen size.
IRC #AtariScne gallery at Dead Hackers Society

** ShareWare Notes **
Status of aIRC:
Some users have suggested the status of aIRC should be changed to ShareWare. Well, now it is as I feel it finally supports enough internet stacks. The registration fee is a mere $5.00 USD. See documentation for details. Please test aIRC on your machine/internet stack before registering. ;o)
PayPal accepted.

** StringServer Notes **
About StringServer and aIRC:
What is StringServer?
It's an advanced AV_Server which performs certain tasks based on the "string" that is passed to it. The task that is performed is defined in the configuration of StringServer itself. The "string" could be almost anything, but certain ideas come to mind such as web URL's, FTP links, TELNET links, and E-Mail addresses.

aIRC supports StringServer and once everything is properly configured you can double-click on such items directly in the client window.

How do I use StringServer with aIRC?
There is no setup in aIRC, it automatically looks for StringServer. Just install StringServer.

Now all you need to do is configure StringServer. Please see the documentation that comes with StringServer for further information on setup. :-)

** Compatibility Notes **
About STiK and aIRC:
aIRC was developed with STiK and MiNTnet+GlueSTiK and as such all testing was done with these stacks. Other TCP/IP stacks claim to be compatible with STiK. There may be a few areas where they are not entirely compatible, and if you think you've found a bug in aIRC... Don't be suprised if you get an e-mail back stating: "That feature works fine under STiK". If that happens you'll have to contact the author of the so-called compatible TCP/IP stack.

My position is simple... The STiK API Specification v1.0 was documented prior to the development of other TCP/IP stacks. Need I say more?

So what does this mean to AtarIRC users? Basically I've tried to make aIRC work without coding specifically for these other so-called compatible TCP/IP stacks, but I cannot guarantee it will work. aIRC follows the STiK API v1.0 Specification so I don't do any testing with other TCP/IP stacks.

Have a problem? Download AtarIRC debug version and see what happens.

To aid in debugging please do the following. Boot the machine just as you did when you had a problem with aIRC, then run SysInfo and send me a full dump. This will save loads of time, and it will tell me everything I need to know about your system.

** Page Linking Notes **
How do I link to the aIRC page?
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